Our department is providing various facilities to our students to help their studies and all round development. We have an English lab, a chemistry lab, a physics lab and a library. Our English lab aims to develop communication skills among our students by making them learn the rules of pronunciation and by making them participate them in just a minute programmes, Group discussions, Role playing, speeches etc. Our physics and chemistry labs are well equipped according to university norms with 30 seating capacity and lab technicians to help the students. We have special hours for the library and sports in our time table. Our library allows the students to take and read any book that is available, so that they can increase their knowledge. For the all round development of our students, we conduct various competitions among our students and cultural events every year. Finally we have a counselling programme with our faculty members as the counsellors for every 25 students, we have a counsellor. Our counsellors see that the information about the performance, the attendance, the behaviour and the health conditions reach their parents and ensure the all round development of the students.